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Deep Dating, Dublin, 26. 4. 2024

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Katarína Hawken

Chief Matchmaking Officer

Katarína Hawken is one of the most respected European matchmakers and relationship consultants. A Slovak native residing in Prague, Katarína has been running her exclusive matchmaking and self-development agency Find L’Amour, now known as Katarina Hawken Matchmaking, since 2014. Before she worked as a Headhunter in Prague, Communications Manager in Shanghai and Marketing Manager in New York City where she also got certified as a Professional Wedding Planner. Finally she realized her dream of running her own business as a Personal Matchmaker. Katarína also has four years experience of running five star hotels and she is currently running her husband’s seminar hotel The Centre of Transformation in South Bohemia where Katarína and John organise most of their events for couples and singles.
Katarína has solid experience in helping people find a partner using different skills to match people’s temperaments and characters. More and more she teaches people how to be emotionally and psychologically open for the other sex and able to communicate in a way that allows a relationship to happen and keeps it happening once it has began. In other words, she brings people together, helps them connect and she also helps them stay together. Together with her husband John Hawken she is also teaching through tantra how to connect and stay together on the sexual level. She is a perfect cosmopolitan woman covering a wide range of interests in a very real way.

Katarina’s biggest passion is travelling and exploring the world, both inwards and outwards. Her favourite quote is: “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”


John Hawken
Tantra, Bioenergetics & Shamanism

John teaches both couples and singles how to find one´s power, how to take more pleasure out of life and the key for all of this: how to open one´s heart. John is one of the most experienced teachers of tantric energy work in Europe. He has a passion for the ritual of shamanic healing circles and currently runs shamanic lodges in both the UK and Czech republic.

Věrka Klimšová
Love Assistant & Consultant

Vera helps to reveal even the most hidden trails in clients’ character, their emotional patters according to which they make important life choices including the choice of their partners. She is happy when the client changes his/her status from the “single” to “in a relationship”, at the same time she emphasizes the importance of being happy no matter the outside circumstances.

Zdeněk Hladík
Music Therapist

Zdeněk Hladík is one of the best sitar players in Europe. This enthusiastic promoter of healing music has been in the music industry since 1990. He studied alternative approaches to music and the mind and heart-opening sitar music under Ustad Siraj Khan and his son Asad Khan.
Zdeněk also uses other musical instruments from all over the world (Slovak duct-blown overtone fipple flute, Tibetan singing bowls etc.).


Deep Dating with
John & Katarína

No need to go for a fancy dinner to get to know your potential significant other, everything you want to know about yourself, them and your relationship is here!

  • When? 26.4.2024 (Friday) at 19:00

  • Where? The Mayson Hotel, 82 N Wall Quay, North Dock, Dublin

  • What? 14 focused, simple and powerful 5 minutes "deep meetings" where you will feel each other's hearts and each meeting will be followed by verbal sharing. After the meetings you will have chill-out time and interact with those who you are most interested in 

  • By whom? The event is run by Katarina & John Hawken

Entry: 50,- EUR (starts at 7pm)
VIP entry: 80,-EUR (starts at 6pm and includes buffet dinner)

Happiness Weekend for Singles

Each of us, men and women, has the deep longing to be seen, to be recognized, and we seek that special person who will be able to see us. We will create on this weekend a space where we are able to be ourselves, where we give ourselves and each other the permission simply to be who we are. No need to hide, no need to put on a mask or a show, just being ourselves in an atmosphere of heartfulness and compassion for ourselves and others.

  • What? Happiness Weekend for Singles / Víkend Smysl(upl)ných setkání pro nezadané

  • When? 15.3.2024-17.3.2024 (Friday-Sunday)

  • Where? The Centre of Transformation in Černívsko, 388 01 Uzeničky, near Blatna, Czechia

  • Who will be leading the weekend? Both Katarina Hawken & her husband John Hawken

Entry: 390,- EUR / 9 500 CZK; the price includes the whole weekend program, accommodation at the Centre of transformation (double room), food (5 times a day), gift bag and 60 minute free individual session with John or Katarina.


Michaela, Slovakia
“Katarina’s communication skills were impressive already at university where we met. Vigorous, wholehearted and cheerful, Katarina has always been networking absolutely everywhere, traveling the world and exploring people’s minds which resulted in her creating a global database of thousands of people which she picked the right man for me from. Me and Adam have been together for ten years and have a beautiful six years old daughter Sienna.”
Rony, USA
“Katarina made the introduction to my wife Vierka 2,5 years ago. Even though back then I was living in New York and Vierka was based in Bratislava, Katarina connected us and closely guided our communication. She was also very instrumental in creating a magical first date in Prague for us which was the most romantic in our whole lives. Me and Vierka have been together since. We had a beautiful wedding in Slovakia, Katarina was my witness. We now live in New Jersey. A few weeks ago Vierka got pregnant. I cannot thank Katarina enough, she changed our lives!”
Ekaterina, Russia
“I have known Katarina for 10 years. She has always displayed very strong aptitudes in matchmaking, not even talking about being consistently pleasant and tackling all life (and love) challenges with a smile and positive attitude. Katarina is sure to achieve her (and her clients’) goals no matter the level of adversity. She helped me get through some hard times. Thanks to her I learned to trust an inner sense of what is true and appreciate the deeper meaning of life. The change of my mindset eventually had a very positive effect on my relationship.”

Our mission is to help people with open mind
and heart to find their right match.